Here’s the Simple, Sustainable Way
to Create Your Dream Garden.

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The Holistic Garden Guide



It doesn’t entail spending $60K on a new landscape, planting a bunch of cacti or giving up your sundays forevermore!

In this free garden guide, we share the simple steps you can take to create a healthy, gorgeous garden with a positive impact.


Top 5 reasons your plants are struggling

Organic secrets to healthy soil

Common alien plants to watch out for

What your groundskeeper is and isn’t doing

How to take control of your watering


You’re ready for a change in your outdoor space.  You want drought-tolerant, but you don’t want it to look like Palm Springs.

The good news is, you have a lush, colorful family of California natives to chose from—grasses, flowers, trees and beyond!

When properly selected and cared for, our native plants will grow into a total dream garden, thriving on little water and contributing to a healthy local ecosystem.

Caring for these plants does require a shift in current gardening habits, but it’s not as difficult or overwhelming as you’d think.


In this simple free guide, we show you the keys to holistic California gardening discovered in our 2 years of working with clients as they adopt sustainable practices.

We’re here to help you demystify the landscaping industry and make it easier for you to do gardening a little differently. Enjoy!




We’re a team of ecological experts and communicators who’ve been working closely with clients in Southern California for the past two years. Our mission is to guide the revival and restoration of local landscapes by making it effortless and fun for homeowners who care.