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Deepen your understanding 

Get to know your garden intimately with a Saturate Discovery Session. Learn exactly what is and isn’t working and how to avoid costly mistakes. 

I’m really glad you guys came out...I’ve been frustrated and lost with my landscape and needed my questions answered.
— Gemma, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles


Nurture a curated plant community

There’s a lot to consider when selecting new plants. We’ll create a custom planting and maintenance guide to set you and your gardener up for long-term success.  

So excited about my wildflowers! I’m thrilled all the recent rain will go to use.
— Charlie, Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Experience the beauty of California natives 

Join your Field Guide for an immersive day of plant shopping at a top LA-area nursery. Touch, smell and fall in love with the gorgeous greenery and vibrant blooms that will thrive on your land.


Why adapt now? 

Plant health is vital to our local ecosystem. Gravel, pavement and artificial turf create urban heating and drain water into the ocean, while a vibrant garden absorbs water and supports an essential community of birds, bees, animals and people. 

Unfortunately for California, gardens have been suffering under the pressure of outdated systems, inappropriate planting and poor maintenance practices.

Facing a future of climate change and natural resource depletion, we think it’s time to do basic gardening a little differently. 

Whether you have a small backyard or a multi-acre estate, Saturate will help you make conscious choices so that your land contributes to a verdant and resilient future. 


We can each have an impact in the space we call home.


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