How to Have a Garden That

Introducing the SUSTAINABLE WAY to enjoy your dream garden: 
less stressful for you, non-toxic for your family and stabilizing to our climate...

  Saturate client front yard in the Silverlake Hills, with thriving native flowers, herbs & grasses

Saturate client front yard in the Silverlake Hills, with thriving native flowers, herbs & grasses



My name is Max. I’m a G3-certified Gardener and the co-founder of Saturate.

If you’re like most homeowners I've worked with over the past 2+ years, you’re probably a bit disappointed and at least mildly frustrated:

With your confusing irrigation system. With costly mistakes. With new landscaping that doesn’t look as good as it should. With old, tasteless landscaping you don’t know what to do with. And probably if we’re being honest, with your groundskeeper…

  Reconfiguring the irrigation on my client's 11-acre property in Palm Springs!

Reconfiguring the irrigation on my client's 11-acre property in Palm Springs!

After closely investigating these issues at over 50 properties in Southern California, I’ve uncovered the #1 reason our landscapes are so dysfunctional, unhealthy, and underwhelming:

The old ways of maintaining our yards are no longer working!

Climate Change has revealed major flaws in the cheap, careless ways we've become used to treating our land here in California.

To have the garden YOU REALLY WANTwithout taking on a very time-consuming and knowledge-intensive new hobby—you have GOT to start investing in holistic garden care! 

  With Mayor Garcetti, whose initiative to cool down Los Angeles I absolutely love!

With Mayor Garcetti, whose initiative to cool down Los Angeles I absolutely love!

Carrying on with the status quo of "industry standard" maintenance threatens to keep heating up our region, ultimately turning coastal SoCal into a desert...

But I’m confident that won’t happen.  Because there IS a way to restore our depleted soil, revive our native ecosystem and improve our land's ability to retain moisture and sequester carbon... 

A healthier, less stressful way to have a gorgeous garden is starting to catch on… 




1. Life-nourishing care is replacing aggressive, industrial upkeep


Clean up crew or groundskeeper comes for 15 minutes a week, cuts everything into painful shapes with polluting gas-powered tools, blows leaves around, and pumps the soil full of toxic, synthetic fertilizer.


Holistic gardening service comes periodically for intensive 3 hour sessions to perform essential seasonal projects and soil treatments, including feeding the plants with nutrient-rich compost tea and pruning with hand-tools.

2. Thoughtful, weather-sensitive watering will edge out ineffective sprinklers


Mis-configured sprinklers water plants for arbitrary amounts of time every day. There’s probably a leak, but your groundskeeper isn't telling you about it. Some plants are drowning, others are thirsty, but no one can figure out what's really going on.


Gardening service creates an expert watering plan, installs and manages a smart controller, and supplements with gentle hand watering. Sprinklers are functioning and monitored, while swales and rain barrels ween the land off of imported water.

3. Mass-market plantings will give way to expertly selected natives


Native plantings are procured and placed by an expert who considers all the factors needed for them to flourish: placement, timing, watering and much more. Plant and soil health are routinely monitored.


Big-box stores and nurseries sell misinformed homeowners mass-grown plants that aren't well-suited for their land. Improperly placed and cared for, new plantings rarely survive or do well.

4. Cheap shortcuts will be corrected with conscious investment


After paying a ton for landscaping, homeowners expect to spend as little as possible caring for their land, relying on unskilled labor to implement quick-fixes and short-cuts. Degraded life and expensive mistakes become the norm, causing  stress for both the land and the homeowners.


Homeowners invest in excellent holistic care for their land because they understand the real estate value of a healthy beautiful garden, and the ecological impact they want to have. They allow experts to take over the burden of management so they can relax and enjoy their garden.

Saturate Garden Care is proving that this "new way" of holistic landcare results in beautiful, peaceful landscapes, and more relaxed homeowners...

   BEFORE & AFTER:  My client Charlie's Silverlake garden springs to life after 6 months of holistic land care with Saturate.

BEFORE & AFTER: My client Charlie's Silverlake garden springs to life after 6 months of holistic land care with Saturate.

Charlie's Garden-110.jpg

"Saturate grew my garden from a dusty, barren space into a California wonderland!"

"My career is pretty demanding and I travel quite a bit, so it's a blessing to not have to worry about my yard maintenance AT ALL. I always look forward to meeting up with Max every season and getting a tour of all the new growth (which I later show to my friends!). His passion is infectious! I had thought my only option was to drop $60K on a new landscape...I'm soooo glad I didn't! This process has been incredibly rewarding and the results are BREATHTAKING!"

— Charlie, Silverlake

Charlie's Garden-120.jpg

Book a free Discovery Session to get started!


Enjoy a free 45 minute on-site consultation with Saturate's Chief Field Guide, Max Kanter.

In this revelatory session, you'll gain clarity on exactly what’s going on in your landscape, what needs to be changed in your maintenance right away, and how Saturate can help.


Going Beyond the "Mow & Blow" is the Only Way to Have the Garden You Really Want!

Yes. The "New Way" of maintenance I've outlined above requires a higher budget than what you're currently spending on a clean-up crew. But just as we're willing to spend more on organic, locally-grown food to help fix our food system, we must invest in landcare as well.

  Pruning should always be done by hand, it's better for the plants! Mechanized tools are aggressive and polluting.

Pruning should always be done by hand, it's better for the plants! Mechanized tools are aggressive and polluting.

Here's why it's worth it to sign up with a holistic service like Saturate:

  • Nothing can compare to the energy, the beauty and the vibration of a healthy garden. California is such a uniquely gorgeous place, and I know many of you believe that’s worth protecting. 

  • You have the potential to restore this incredible land we love, cool down our region by creating more shade and moisture, and yes—heal our soil so it can to perform its essential functions like sequestering carbon!

  •  You don’t need to be spending your time figuring out how to program an irrigation system, researching the best way to care for your plants, trying to communicate with your groundskeeper or shopping for hard-to-find and complicated-to-select sustainable materials. 

  • You deserve a gorgeous, non-toxic space you and your children can freely enjoy!

 You didn’t work so hard to buy a home in California just to be worrying about the yard... 

  Planning wildflower meadows for clients at the Theodore Payne Foundation!

Planning wildflower meadows for clients at the Theodore Payne Foundation!

Saturate will make this process more joyful for you. I’m proud to provide a high-touch, personalized service that makes owning a yard simpler than ever before. 

If you want your land to be well cared for, you deserve to have an expert taking care of it. All of it.

At Saturate, our clients count on our aesthetically-minded approach to handle everything from lighting and furniture styling, to irrigation fixes and organic materials procurement, including selecting and planting new natives!

  I go to the irrigation store so you don't have to!

I go to the irrigation store so you don't have to!

You can count on me personally to take responsibility for every aspect of your land’s management. I will be your Field Guide, your coordinator, your concierge, your maintenance planner, and your confidant as needed. 

You won't find an equally comprehensive holistic gardening service out there yet...but I don't want you to decide right now whether changing up your maintenance is the best idea for you...


First, you'll receive a 45 minute session with me in your backyard, FREE!


Working with me is having an expert take responsibility for every aspect of your garden.

This is your chance to meet with me and discuss your vision for your outdoor space. I will diagnose the specific problems in your garden, and outline what steps you should take first to begin with a more sustainable and effective approach.

If, like our pioneering clients, you’re ready to make a meaningful change and you want everything handled for you, I will present you with a few options for a Saturate Garden Care package and help you set an ideal landcare budget you feel good about investing.

Your garden will now be fully taken care of, without any fuss, stress, or demand on you!


(Beyond showing me your Pinterest Board, if you’d like…)

Click the button below to seamlessly book your free 45-minute consultation WITH ME now!

— Currently serving select properties in from Orange County through LA, Ventura and up to Santa Barbara

Or, schedule a call if you’d like to talk first! 

Many people would wait until the last possible minute to make a change like this. But I also know that you early adopters are out there, ready to lead the pack. 

We’ve already waited long enough to try and live harmoniously on this planet. 

If you’re a Southern California landowner with just 45 minutes to give to your garden, I ask that you don’t wait any longer. 

Click here to book your session with me and take your first step towards outdoor sustainability right now!  



Depending on property size, current landscape condition and client desires, Saturate members generally invest between $2500 through $50,000 a year on their gardens. That includes additional labor, organic soil treatments, plants, materials, parts, customer service, etc.



No. Our typical recommendation is to put the current groundskeeper under our management and invest in a training session to elevate your routine 15-minute "clean-up." Saturate will be visiting your property on a less-frequent basis to perform in-depth, high-level gardening work and to make things look generally fabulous! 



Being a holistic service, there are a lot of ways we can instantly beautify our clients gardens (potted plants, styling, groundcover, etc). However, the long-term goal is to develop a resilient, complete ecology, and that is a process that takes seasons and cycles, each of which is different. Right now, we are prepping clients to begin winter platings and revive sun-baked soil to ensure a gorgeous spring!

New clients typically require a series of up-front sessions to stabilize their gardens, then we plan for ongoing visits every month, 2 months or every season depending on needs and wants. As your personal Field Guide and concierge, I will be in touch regarding any plans, visits and shopping requests! You no longer have to worry about what's going on with your groundskeeper or with your irrigation system, I'm on it. 



Based in Los Angeles, we are currently serving clients in the radial area, from Orange County up through Santa Barbara. Includes: Pasadena, Malibu, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Montecito, Laguna Beach, Laurel Canyon, Long Beach, Venice, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, etc. 




We can each have an impact in the space we call home.


You Don't Have to Be the Expert. You Get to Relax and ENJOY Your Garden—Without Guilt.

Saturate Garden Care will immediately heal, slowly transform, and continuously provide the BEST holistic care for your land…we will:

  • Revive your soil and provide it with regular beauty treatments.

  • Train and manage your groundskeeper, keeping them on task.

  • Make sure your watering is on-point with the weather, seasons & particular plant needs, and your sprinkler systems are in tip-top shape.

  • Set up sustainable, closed systems that make the most of every precious resource!

  • Bring in your dream native plants, veggies, wild fruits, trees and more.

  • Protect you from the chaos and stress of the landscaping industry!!

You deserve a garden that makes you FEEL ALIVE!

  Fresh California berries growing beautifully in a client's garden— delicious!

Fresh California berries growing beautifully in a client's garden— delicious!

If your home is worth $1M+ and your garden is less than a peaceful, dreamy wonderland where you absolutely LOVE to relax, meditate, read, do yoga, sip your morning coffee, enjoy a glass of wine with friends, or host an amazing party…why not just move to a condo?

Gravel and dust, artificial turf and spiky plants don't make you feel anything...

Not only is the energy, the vibration, the fragrance and the beauty of a thriving garden irreplaceable... a healthy, sustainable garden is the best contribution you can make to our community locally!

Now is the time to lead by example. Imagine if all of our planet was cared for this way?!? We’d SEQUESTER SO MUCH CARBON!!! 

Holistic land care is the way of the future for ALL landowners!

Everything we do at Saturate is organic, non-toxic, high-quality and ULTRA NOURISHING for your land!  All of our gardeners are G3-certified and paid a living wage, with tons of opportunity to advance in our company.

And, we not only handle your routine, high-level maintenance and soil treatments. We also carry out the larger projects that will bring life to your garden: plantings, seedings, rainwater maximization, plant removal, pruning and more!  

For you, the early-adopter, the first step is FREE... 

What to Expect in Your FREE 45-min Saturate Discovery Session!

For starters, I'd love to meet you and discuss your dreams for your garden...while we're at it:

  • I’m going to check out your irrigation system and current watering plan.

  • Learn about your current groundskeeper and get his contact info.

  • Check out the state of your soil and pruning. 

  • Check up on your plant health and collect all the information I’d need to create a holistic maintenance plan that’s custom-tailored to you. 

It would take several specialists to diagnose everything I’m going to look at for you!

But I’m happy to give 45 minutes sharing my expert recommendations and advice, free.  Because this change matters to all of us. 

The final budget will be up to you. You can take it as fast or slow as you’d like....

And you have nothing to lose by taking this first step, and EVERYTHING TO LEARN about your garden!

The information you receive in our free session will save you hours of research.

I would be honored and excited to tell you about your plants, your trees, your micro-climate and your soil, and help you figure out where to take your garden next!

You know as I do that the world has been putting off sustainability for FAR TOO LONG!

So I ask that you take one step forward RIGHT NOW.

Get this free appointment with me in the books.

It's time to raise the bar for landcare in Southern California, and show everyone just how beautiful, cool, easy, vibrant and harmonious a sustainable garden can be…

Will you adapt with us?

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Our service covers the greater LA area, Ventura, Santa Barabara and Orange County.

I can’t wait to meet you and discuss your vision for your dream garden.

Here's to happier plants, and a healthier planet!
— Max Kanter


P.S. Now is the time to prep for winter plantings! A gorgeous spring bloom awaits those who don’t delay another minute in healing their soil! Book your free session with me now to get started!!!

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We provide holistic Garden Care for conscious homeowners who desire for their land to be beautiful and have a positive environmental impact.  Our land management membership allows you to rest easy knowing your soil is healthy, your systems are working effectively (without wasting resources!), your groundskeeper is up to speed, and your plants are in good hands.