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Sustainable plants made simple.

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Here's the easy way to make a sustainable choice.


So many Californians throw out their potted plants every single year...why? Local stores are full of options that struggle to survive here.

It's too easy to bring home a plant that doesn't make sense for your particular microclimate and sun exposure.

And unless you have tons of time to figure this all out, you run the risk of placing plants where they're doomed to fail.

That's why we created Native Potscapes, for our clients who desired a seamless introduction to beautiful California flowers, grasses, succulents and shrubs. 


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Our method is proven to successfully introduce natives to a wide variety of Southern California landscapes.
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Everything is included. 

Simply purchase one of our packages, fill out a brief survey, and allow us to bring you a beautiful family of plants expertly selected for your space and your style. 

We'll pot them for you in your choice of simple ceramic planters, set them up for success and give you a fun 30-minute care lesson. 

We want you to love these plants for years to come.

STEP 1:  

Select Your Potscape Size

Prices include delivery, guidance, installation & styling.


Looking for a more specific (or bigger!) arrangement of pots? Let us know what you’re thinking. ➞ Request a custom quote.


Take the Survey

Every outdoor space is different, with environmental constraints that directly impact the kinds of native plants you can successfully grow.

Please fill out this quick survey so we can select the best plants for your Potscape.

Your Native Potscape will be custom designed by a human—not a robot!
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Fall in love with California natives. 

Choose from a diversity of textures and colors, from hearty succulents to whispy grasses to sun-loving blooms

For the first year or so after I moved in, my patio was pretty barren. Now when I look out my window in the morning, I see more life, more color. Saturate pointed me in the right direction instantly as to plants, grasses and flowers that are really beautiful and very specific to this region. Living in LA, I think it’s important to support and embrace what California has to offer.
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Our Natives arrive to you in minimalist ceramic planters, in your choice of matte white, terra cotta, glossy blue, or a mix of all three.
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If you’re serious about sustainability, native plants are the only way to go. If you have not one California native in your garden, it’s a missed opportunity to make a positive ecological contribution, no matter how small.
— Max Kanter Co-Founder & Chief Field Guide

Native Potscapes are…

Tailored to your exact location, conditions & preferences
Expertly installed by a Saturate Field Guide & Plant Stylist
Delivered with a 30 minute lesson & custom care guide

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Set yourself up for success.

A Saturate Native Potscape is perfect for those who are new to gardening. After a fun session with your Field Guide, you’ll be thoroughly trained in how to care for exactly the plants you receive.

We go the extra mile to make sure your high-quality natives find a home to thrive in your garden, rooftop or patio, creating a thoughtful, attractive arrangement that will lure your friends outdoors.

How It Works

  1. Submit Your Survey
    Take 5 minutes to tell us all about your home and aesthetic preferences.

  2. Purchase Your Package
    Starting small or going big—we’ve got you covered.

  3. Schedule Your Delivery Session
    Look forward to a 30 minute lesson with your Field Guide!

  4. Nurture Your New Fam
    It’s cool if you didn’t take notes, your custom care guide says it all.


Order your Native Potscape now and receive a free XS California succulent!

Available in Los Angeles, Ventura & Orange County. Prices include delivery, guidance, installation & styling. 


About Saturate

We’re a team of ecological experts and communicators who’ve been working closely with clients in Southern California for the past two years. Our mission is to guide the revival and restoration of local landscapes by making it effortless and fun for homeowners who care.