Saturate Garden Apprentice

Part time

We’re looking for someone with a relatively flexible schedule, who’s interested in growing as a “green” gardener. The first few months will be viewed as a trial to advance further into the role as a full-time position Landcare Specialists.

Skills and experiences:

  • You must identify having a green thumb.

  • Must love to be outside. Spent significant time in the wilderness (camping, hiking, etc.)

  • You must despise the loud noise of a lawn mower or a gas powered leaf blower

  • Lift up to 50 pounds using your core for stability

  • Interest in deepening your knowledge about soil, native plants and advanced gardening techniques

  • Good at problem solving and solutions-oriented

Job description:

  • 2-3 weekly on-site jobs

  • Mulching, pruning, hand-watering

  • Planting, thinning, deadheading

  • Tying up plants, vines and shrubs

  • Programming Irrigation Controllers  

  • Applying compost and compost tea


Compensation: $15/hr with an average of 12 to 20 hrs of work weekly and $10 reimbursement for subsidized lunch

Contact to apply.