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Stress-free garden care—for you, and the environment.


Maintenance & Management
for the Conscious Homeowner

Whether you have a small backyard or a multi-acre estate, Saturate will help you:

We make it simple to care about your land.


Ready to make a difference with your garden?

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Our Services


Garden Care

Ongoing Land Management, Project Coordination & Holistic Maintenance

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Plant Selection


Work with us to ensure your new plants are a good fit for your land.

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I’m really glad you guys came out...I’ve been frustrated and lost with my landscape and needed my questions answered.
— Gemma, Sherman Oaks

Native Potscapes

Beautiful California Natives, expertly curated, delivered and potted for your home.

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For the first year or so after I moved in, my patio was pretty barren. Now when I look out my window in the morning, I see more life, more color. Saturate pointed me in the right direction instantly as to plants, grasses and flowers that are really beautiful and very specific to this region. Living in LA, I think it’s important to support and embrace what California has to offer.
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It’s time to do gardening a little differently.

Climate change has revealed major issues with standard landcare practices in Southern California, but that doesn’t mean we should cover everything in gravel, cacti or artificial turf. 

A lifeless space only adds to urban heating and drains water into the ocean, while a healthy garden absorbs water, sequesters carbon and supports an essential community of birds and insects.

At Saturate, we understand that the most sustainable garden can be beautiful, too. We’re here to help homeowners make a lasting change that matters. 

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We can each have an impact in the space we call home.