Be a part of our mission to revive land into into healthy, resilient native habitats.

Saturate is changing the way urban dwellers approach landcare. At Saturate we believe that the landscape services industry’s highly unsustainable practices are leading to wasted natural resources, degraded soils, contaminated water systems and excessive noise and air pollution. We’re introducing LA-area homeowners to a holistic way of growing a beautiful, sustainable garden. 

Healthy, living soil is the foundation to our gardening approach. Using California native plants, Saturate Landcare Specialists are trained in the skills of establishing and caring for the most ecologically appropriate plants. We envision an urban landscape of gardens that provide for the native habitat, sequester the city’s carbon and thrive with abundant blooms, fragrant scents, and plants that provide food sources for people and wildlife alike.

We're always looking for friendly, enthusiastic learners who want to be part of our team. If the thought of growing and adapting together gets you excited, then we'd love to talk.

See open positions below.

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