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Show your garden some love



Growing a gorgeous garden doesn’t have to be stressful, polluting or destructive.

Know your plants are in good hands.

If you’re...

Disappointed with lifeless patches or water-intensive plants on your land

Not sure how to manage your groundskeeper or what they can do

Busy and need support managing projects, making decisions and tending to your garden

Desiring to make a positive ecological impact with your property

We can help!

What Can Saturate Do For You?

What Can Saturate Do For You?

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Garden Care Membership

Saturate’s Garden Care Membership introduces conscious maintenance practices and smart systems to begin healing your plants and soil right away.

Over time, we’ll help you create your dream garden with expertly selected California natives and advanced water catchment systems, should you desire. In the meanwhile, if anything comes up on your landscape, you can count on our guidance to help you solve the issue with ease.

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Book a free Discovery Call to get started!

Enjoy a free 20 minute consultation with our Chief Field Guide, Max Kanter.

Gain clarity on what’s going on in your landscape and find out exactly how Saturate can help.

Garden Care Memberships

Commit to giving your land the care it deserves, and maximize your results.

If you care about sustainability and want to contribute to re-stabilizing the climate, you need to invest in your land like someone who cares about their health invests in their body and nutrition.

Our annual maintenance memberships help you maximize your investment over the course of four seasons and ensure your land is healthy, thriving and properly cared for.

Memberships include:

  • Access to services at special member pricing

  • Regular high-level gardening sessions

  • Weekly groundskeeper management (in Spanish)

  • Smart irrigation install, setup and watering plan

  • Concierge customer service & procurement

  • Soil and plant health monitoring

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